Press & Media Houses are forms of Mass Media that focus on delivering news to the general public or a target public. These include print media, broadcast news, and the Internet. service companies, marketing organizations that are specialized in planning and purchasing advertising campaigns in mass media. Press refers to journalists and news organizations. The term probably derives from the printing press used for newspapers. Media literally refers to any form of communication, including newspapers, books, television, radio, podcasts, mp3 downloads, websites, streaming apps, YouTube, etc. In the context of journalism, media is used today when referring to reporters, seeing as how journalists can now be associated with not only traditional print newspapers, but also online news outlets, radio, television and streaming.


Compliance Ease is a Leading Compliance Tech Platform assisting Startups and SMEs stay compliant in their businesses. We provide services to Entrepreneurs ranging from the Company Registration, Trademark Registration, MSME (Udyam) Registration, Startup India Registration, GST Registration, ISO Certification, Accounting, Legal, Tax, ROC Compliance and Business Advisory Services. We are the fastest growing technology-driven compliance platform offering cloud-based services across India for Entrepreneurs and SMEs to start, grow, protect and exit their business while at the same time remain compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations of the business legal framework. Startups who get Angel Funding often do not have enough information in terms of compliance for Company Law and Income Tax. At Compliance Ease, we help them focus on their businesses while we look after compliance for them.


Press means brand awareness and credibility that we all look up to. This, in turn, generates more web traffic and social media followers. In the recent time, as the business is growing through internet, the significance of press and media is ever growing. Press coverage gets your business in the public eye, and that drives sales. Media House too plays a crucial role in business development and most of the companies are now looking forward to media coverage to increase brand value and recognition. There is an all-time rise in social media platforms to share product information, descriptions and more about their products and services to let potential clients know about these.


The demand of Press & Media Houses has been all time rise and so is the compliance burden for Companies. The Government comes up with so many steps to ease the business compliance in India but the awareness level is very low and it does not reach the masses. At Compliance Ease LLP, we have expertise in the Legal, Tax and Compliance Domain and our Partnership will help Press and Media Houses gather right information to publish the news and articles. Further, many companies have to give press and coverage out of their personal requirements at times. Under CECL Partnership Program, Compliance Ease LLP has been partnering with Press & Media House and wish to offer Businesses more space and services with ease along with publishing side.


CECL Partnership Program for Press & Media House has been conceptualised to offer win-win situation to both Press & Media House as well as our clientele. One of the main reasons to partner with Press & Media House is that Compliance Ease LLP wants to publish growth stories of Indian Startups right including but not limited to publishing of mandatory press releases by companies under various laws. By this Partnership, your Press & Media House will have access to Professionals and Industry Experts who can save you from blunders in legal articles and also be able to give citation by various Experts, Mentors and Business Legal Advisor which would be useful to your readers as they normally have nobody who could guide them on the Company Registration, Accounts, Legal, Tax and Compliance. This will help your Press & Media House increase the visibility and overall success through CECL Partnerships. If you represent any Incubations Centres and have any queries, you can reach out to us at info@complianceease.in and we will get back to you at the earliest.