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GST Cancellation

Welcome to our GST Cancellation/ Surrender service page! If you are a business owner who wants to close their business or cancel their GST registration for any reason, we are here to help you navigate the process.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. Every business that is registered under GST is required to file regular returns and maintain compliance with the GST law. However, there may be situations where a business owner wants to close their business or cancel their GST registration. In such cases, GST Cancellation/ Surrender is the process of officially terminating the GST registration of the business.

Our team of experts has years of experience in handling GST-related matters and can guide you through the entire process of cancelling or surrendering your GST registration. Compliance Ease provide a hassle-free and timely solution for businesses that need to close or cancel their GST registration. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process and ensure that all the necessary formalities are completed correctly.

The GST registration can be cancelled when the GST Rules are no longer applicable or the business / professional conduct is being discontinued or where the tax officer calls for such GSTIN cancellation. The GST cancellation implies a situation when no GST return is to be filed further, nor any GST is to be paid or collected neither any input tax credit is to be claimed.

If GST cancellation is opted for a business where GST is mandatory and the business is still operating, a heavy penalty is imposed on such business leading to offence under GST Act and its rules and regulations.

Documents Required for GST Cancellation

  • iconApplication for cancellation/ surrender: This is a formal request for cancelling/ surrendering the GST registration. The application should be duly signed by the authorized signatory of the business.
  • iconProof of closing the business: This could be a closure certificate issued by the relevant authority, a notice of closure in a newspaper, or any other document that proves that the business has been closed.
  • iconGST registration certificate: A copy of the GST registration certificate issued by the GST department.
  • iconGST returns: A copy of the GST returns filed by the business for the current and previous financial years.
  • iconBank statement: A bank statement that shows that all the dues related to GST have been cleared.
  • iconOther documents: Depending on the nature of the business and the reason for cancellation/ surrender, other documents may be required. For example, if the business has any pending litigation, a no-objection certificate from the relevant authority may be required.

  • Bonus Points: It is important to note that the documents required may vary based on the specific case, and it is advisable to consult Compliance Ease for guidance on the documents required for GST Cancellation/ Surrender.

Legal Procedures of GST Cancellation

The process of GST Cancellation or GST Surrender involves several steps, including filing an application, submitting documents, and clearing any outstanding liabilities. Here's how our service works:

Assessment: Our team will assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action for cancelling or surrendering your GST registration.

Documentation: We will prepare and file all the necessary documents and forms required for GST Cancellation/ Surrender, including the application for cancellation.

Compliance: We will ensure that all compliance requirements are met, including clearing any outstanding liabilities and submitting necessary documents to the GST department.

Cancellation/ Surrender: Once the application is processed and approved by the GST department, your GST registration will be officially cancelled or surrendered.


The registered taxpayer opting for GST Cancellation must first file all the pending GST returns, remit the input tax of stocks in various stage, whichever bring larger and input tax credit on current stock repaid before the GST Cancellation process can begin.

Follow the below steps to ensure GST Cancellation/ Surrender

1. The GST cancellation application must be submitted in form GST REG-16 on the GST portal and include the following information:

  • iconReason for cancellation
  • iconDetails of contact, address and e-mail ID
  • iconDesired date of cancellation
  • iconParticulars of value and tax to paid on stocks in various stage
  • iconDetails of the latest GST return filed along with the ARN of the particular return

2. The officer in charge reviews the application submitted duly and issues an order for termination of GST Registration in form GST REG-19 and notifies the effective date to be considered within a tenure of thirty days from the date of application submitted.

Final Return

A final return in form GSTR-10 must be filed by the taxpayer or business entity within three months from the date of cancellation or order whichever is earlier. This is usually practiced ensuring there is no pending GST Returns. The provision is not applicable to non-resident taxpayers or input service distributors who are liable to pay tax under Section 10,51, 52 of the Act.

If the taxpayer fails to file the final return within stipulated tenure, a notice in form GSTR-3A is issued asking to do the same within fifteen days after the notice date.

If the above steps are not complied with in true spirit, actions will be taken by the concerned officer where in an assessment order will be issued. If the applicant files the return within tenure of thirty days of receiving the said notice, the assessment order will be cancelled by the concerned officer.

Revocation of GST Cancellation

The GST cancellation can be revoked, and the registration would stand valid, when tax officer has initiated and cancelled the GST Registration on his own. A registered taxpayer can apply within 30 days of order of cancellation for revocation of GST Cancellation in form GST REG-21.

If the officer is satisfied, the GST Cancellation is accepted, and an order is issued in form GST REG-22 having the reasons for revocation and cancellation in writing. The officer can also reject the application of revocation by passing an order in form GST REG-05, but before rejecting a show cause notice is sent to the applicant in GST REG-23, seeking grounds for not rejecting the revocation. The applicant is to respond to the same notice within seven days in form GST REG-24.

As a result, once the taxpayer has the GST registration, the compliances must be adhered too. Though voluntary GST Cancellation must be opted if business has no commercial activity at the earliest.

The below table list down the GST forms used in process of GST cancellation and revocation for ease of reference:

GST Form



GST Cancellation request to be filed by taxpayer


Show cause notice issued for GST Cancellation


GST registration terminated successfully


Final return to be filed by taxpayer


Notice sent to file the final return by officer


Application for revocation to be filed


Revocation application accepted


Show cause notice for hearing revocation application


Response to be sent to show cause notice (revocation)


Revocation application rejected

Features & Benefits of GST Cancellation

Hassle-free process: Our team of experts will handle all the paperwork and formalities on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Timely completion: We are committed to completing the GST Cancellation/ Surrender process in a timely manner, so that you can focus on your business operations without any interruptions.

Expert guidance: Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the GST law and can provide you with expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Compliance: We will ensure that all compliance requirements are met, including clearing any outstanding liabilities and submitting necessary documents to the GST department.

Cost-effective: Our service is cost-effective and provides value for money.

Transparent process: We believe in transparency and will keep you informed at every stage of the GST Cancellation/ Surrender process.

Professional service: Our team is committed to providing you with a professional and high-quality service, ensuring that all the necessary formalities are completed correctly.

Bonus points: Compliance Ease offers GST Cancellation/ Surrender service as a hassle-free, timely, and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to close or cancel their GST registration. With our expert guidance and professional service, you can rest assured that the process will be completed smoothly and without any complications.