FSSAI Registration Renewal


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FSSAI Registration Renewal

If you are a Food Business Operator then, before launching a food business, you must first register with the FSSAI and if you are already a registered operator then have you noted your renewal date for it yet?

YES! You heard it right. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Association of India) makes the Registration mandatory obligation before you start any food business. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants who are involved in the food business must obtain a 14-digit registration number which must be printed on food packages with the FSSAI Logo. The FSSAI registration is valid for one year, with the opportunity to extend it for up to five years. Important to note that once the validity period has expired renewing the FSSAI registration is mandatory to run the business. It is necessary to renew the FSSAI registration before it expires to maintain the business.

It may come as a shock to learn that until now, there was no mechanism for filing a renewal of the FSSAI registration once it had expired. To relaunch their operation, FBOs must apply for new registration. As a result, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India issued a new policy for renewing the FSSAI Registration after the expiry date in order to make it easier for food enterprises to continue using the same Registration number after the expiry date. The present column summarizes the steps for renewing your FSSAI registration after it has expired.

Why did the FSSAI have to refresh its regulations and implement a new procedure such as "FSSAI Registration Renewal"?

The explanation lies in the fact that the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed many things around the world, thus these changes are legitimate in light of people's changing requirements, difficulties, and ways. Due to the current state of affairs in the country, the FBOs were unable to renew their registration in the period allotted. To continue operating their food business, they needed to seek a new Registration/registration. As a result, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has announced a new policy to allow food enterprises to keep the same Registration number after it expires. According to the new policy, FBOs can now renew their FSSAI Registration/registration even if it has already expired, albeit with some restrictions.

So, if you are looking for a Renewal of your FSSAI Registration then don’t forget to be precise, faultless, and good with your documentation because messing up any of the minor things would lead to a halt of your time to gain the renewal within time resulting in the expiry of the earlier Registration making it difficult to run your busy further. In case you have any query or wish to receive a little experts’ hand to make your renewal application quick, easy, and perfect you can knock us on 9988424211 or feel free to even drop us an email at: info@complianceease.in. Also, if you looking for any further knowledge about, FSSAI Registration, State Registration, Central Registration, Renewal of Registration, return filling, compliance, etc. or anything further related to any food compliance work feel free to visit at https://complianceease.in/fssai

FSSAI Registration Renewal Eligibility

All the Petty Food Business Operators (FBO) who himself manufactures or sells any article of food or a petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or a temporary stallholder or small scale or cottage or such other industries relating to food business or tiny food business operator having annual turnover up to Rs. 12 Lacs and/or whose

  • iconProduction capacity of food products does not exceed 100 kg or liters per day, or
  • iconProcurement or handling and collection of milk is up to 500 liters of milk per day, or

  • iconslaughtering capacity is 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less

are required to renew their FSSAI registration by using the Food Safety Compliance System or the Food Safety Connect app. The image of FBO with a 14-digit Registration number starting with 2 is encoded with a QR code on this Registration Certificate (2xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

FSSAI Registration Renewal Fees

The Applicant/Food Business Operators need to pay the fees while submitting the FSSAI Registration Renewal Application.

The FSSAI Registration Renewal fees are Rs.100 per year Same as New Registration.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration Renewal

A list of documents required to be submitted at the time of applying for a new FSSAI Registration and renewal/modification of Registration was issued by FSSAI vide a Notification dated 19th March 2021. The list of documents required for Renewal and applying for the new Registration is the same. Except for certain very genuine documents for which the data has been already stored by the body.

Below is the list of Documents required for the Renewal of FSSAI Registration:

  • iconDeclaration form
  • iconAuthority letter
  • iconCopy of the property paper (if owned)
  • iconCopy of Rent Agreement (If rented property)
  • iconElectricity bill or water bill of business place
  • iconIdentification proof of proprietor or partners or directors like Aadhar Card, or Voter ID card
  • iconForm X for the designation of persons by a company with the board resolution.

Legal Procedures of FSSAI Registration Renewal

A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an FSSAI Registration Renewal Offline

The following actions can be performed offline to renew your Food Registration:

  • iconThe FSSAI Registration can be renewed by filling out FORM A or FORM B, depending on whether the food business is eligible for a specific type of registration.
  • iconAttach a self-attested declaration to comply with the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act Authority receive your application, review and examine it, and organize for an examination of the FBO's operational premises in line with the regulations.
  • iconOnce the inspection officer is satisfied that the FBO's regulations have been followed, the application and inspection report will be approved.
  • iconA renewal of the food Registration will take about 60 days to be issued by the authorities.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining an FSSAI Registration Renewal Online

Through login: -

Step 1: After logging in, navigate to “Renewal” and select “Apply for renewal of registration”

Step 2: A list of issued registration for Renewal will appear. Click on “Proceed” against the application which user wants to renew.

NOTE: 1.) Registration Certificate eligible for Renewal shall only be listed 120 days before the expiry of registration. 2.) Registration Certificate shall not get listed here for Renewal once your Registration Certificate has expired as of today. In that case, submit a new application.

Step 3: User will land on Form B: Application Details page wherein following stages will be in editable/non-editable mode: ◦ Premises Details: Non-editable. ◦ Product Selection: Non-editable. ◦ Communication Details: All sections are editable except the registered address. ◦ Required Documents: Mandatory Documents can only be uploaded. ◦ Payment: As per year(s) selected by the user. (NOTE: Please note that if renewal of a registration is applied 90 days before the expiration, then only renewal fees are charged. Post 90 days a fine of Rs.100/day will be charged in addition to renewal fees.)

Step 4: After making payment, a receipt will be generated with a new 17-digit registration number which can be used for future reference.

Through Homepage:

Step 1: From the homepage click on the box “Renewal of Registration Fee: Same as new Reg”.

Step 2: Fill in the Registration no, validity end date, and captcha code and click on “Submit”.

Step 3: Click on “Proceed

Step 4: Form B will open wherein the user can upload the documents, select the year(s) for which is required and choose a payment method to move forward with the application.

Step 5: After completing the payment, a receipt will be generated with a 17- digit reference number which can be used for future reference.

Step 6: User can track the status of application through the Homepage i.e., foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in

Features & Benefits of FSSAI Registration

Recent changes in the FSSAI registration Renewal

  • iconThis provision of filing renewal application after the expiry date shall be subjected to online submission of due Annual Returns through FoSCoSby the registered food manufacturer or seller, etc.
  • iconNo renewal shall be allowed after l80 days from the original expiry date
  • iconFBOs shall not be allowed to conduct any food business in the period from the original expiry date till the issuance of renewed registration. Any food business conducted in such period will be subject to penalties and punishment as per Section 63 of the FSS Act, 2006
  • iconFresh validity date will be generated on the grant of renewed Registration
  • iconThe policy shall be valid till the date of implementation/ operationalization of FSS Amendment regulations, 2021
  • iconFBOs whose registration has expired within the last 180 days from the date of issuance of this order, can avail of the policy and apply for renewal of Registration through the Food Safety Compliance System, FoSCoS.