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Logo Design Service


The priority for a business is to create an identity and impact so that the company's brand or product stands out from the crowd. This is where creating a logo can help your brand gain much-needed visibility. A logo can increase brand recall and greatly influence the attitude of your target customers toward your brand. Let us first define what Logo and Logo Design services in India entail.

Logo and Logo Design:

Logo: A logo is a text and image-based symbol that identifies a company. A good logo conveys what a company does and the brand's values.

Logo DESIGN: The goal of logo design is to create the ideal visual brand mark for a company. A logo, depending on the type, typically consists of a symbol or brand-mark, a logotype, and a tagline.

Types of Logo Design


Monogram logos, also known as letter marks, are logos made up of letters, typically brand initials. We can turn the initials for brand identification if your company has a long name with two or three words to remember. The simplicity of these logos is paramount. NASA, HBO, and other organizations are examples.


A word-mark or logotype, like a letter-mark, is a font-based logo that focuses solely on a company's name. If you are a new business and need to get your name out there, a word-mark is a good choice. Examples of word mark logos include Coca-Cola, Google, and others.

Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark is a simple and stylized literal image that is instantly recognisable. A pictorial mark is a graphic image or illustration of something that clearly represents a specific company, product, or brand, such as the Apple logo or the Twitter logo.

Abstract Logo Design

A pictorial logo with an abstract mark is a type of pictorial logo. You can design an abstract logo that conveys a feeling rather than a thought. This logo type is used when you want to use an image but don't want to be limited by a literal representation. For example, the Pepsi divided circle, and the Adidas flower with stripes.


Mascot logos are those that include an illustration of a character. Mascots, unlike traditional pictorial brand marks, are also adaptable. Mascots are commonly used by sports teams, service companies, and food brands to become acquainted with potential supporters, customers, and consumers.

Combination Mark

A combination mark is a logo that consists of a word-mark or letter-mark combined with a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. For example, DOVE is a brand that combines a brand mark (the dove) and a word-mark (Dove), with only the brand mark imprinted on its products.

Documents Required for Logo Design Service

If we have to design your Logo, it is important that first we understand your industry type and your creative side to understand as to what you are looking forward to in your Logo Design Service. However, below are some of the list we need from you:

  • iconFilling in the simple checklist
  • iconChoice of color for your logo
  • iconPattern choice if any already
  • iconIndustry Type to design icon
  • iconTagline to include if any
  • iconTM Search Report if already

Legal Procedures of Logo Design Service

Fill in the simple checklist

The first step in creating a Logo design would be to fill out a simple checklist with information about your brand, the type of business / product / service, and your logo requirements. Our logo designer will double-check the information and begin analyzing your brand.

Brand Analysis and Ideas

After you submit the checklist, our design team will begin analyzing your brand. Following the completion of the analyzing process, the team will generate ideas for logo designs. The dedicated team member will discuss the ideas with you and decide on the type of logo to be created.

Final Logo Design Created

Once we've decided on the type of logo, we'll create 3 to 4 rough logo designs and send them to you. Once you have approved one of the four designs presented to you, we will create a draft version of a logo design for you that is unique, eye-catching, and impressive.

Features & Benefits of Logo Design Service

While designing a Logo/ Monogram for your business, it becomes important to look into aspects of the Trademark Law. Chances are the pattern you have chosen is already a registered trademark and can become later a case for Trademark Objection/ Opposition/ Infringement if proper due diligence is not done at the time of creation of the Logo.

Below are some of the most important features of Logo Design

  • iconA logo distinguishes you from the competition.
  • iconA logo identifies important information about your company.
  • iconInvites new customers to learn more about you.
  • iconA logo increases brand recognition.
  • iconA good logo promotes brand loyalty.