FSSAI State/ Central License Renewal


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FSSAI License Renewal


The FSSAI license is required to start a food business, and it is also required to renew the license. The license is valid for one year to five years; thus, the business must apply for renewal 30 days before the existing license expires. For Food Businesses, the window for filing a renewal application opens 180 days before the expiration date.

Old Policy for Renewing the FSSAI License/Registration after the Expiry Date

If a license renewal is not filed 30 days before the expiration date, FBO must pay a late fee of Rs. 100 per day in addition to the renewal fee.

New Policy for Renewing the FSSAI License/Registration after the Expiry Date

To facilitate the food businesses to continue with the same license number even after the expiry date, it has been decided with the approval of Food Authority to enable Food Business Operator to renew the FSSAI License/Registration even after expiry date with the following penalties:

  • iconThree times the existing annual license/registration fee in the period – 1st day to 90th day from the original expiry date
  • iconAdditional two times of the existing annual license/registration fee (i.e. total 5 times) in the period – 91st day to 180th day from the original expiry date

(Note: In the case of Registration, this late fee is not applicable.)

Eligibility to apply for FSSAI License Renewal

  • iconFSSAI Central License Renewal

All the operators who are large in the market having an eligible average turnover of 20crores or above are however required to obtain a Central Food License Renewal by the FSSAI. The following units are eligible to apply for a central FSSA license:

  • iconDairy units with milk chilling equipment that can handle and process milk.
  • iconUnits that process vegetable oil and units that create vegetable oil using the solvent extraction process, as well as refineries that incorporate an oil expeller unit.
  • iconSlaughtering units are units that are used to slaughter animals.
  • iconUnits for preparing meat.
  • iconRelabellers and repackers are examples of food processing units.
  • iconFoods that are only available to a limited number of people.
  • iconUnits that are entirely focused on export.

  • iconFSSAI State License Renewal

The FSSAI requires all major market operators with an acceptable average turnover of fewer than 20 crores and more than 12 lakhs to apply for a Central Food License Renewal. Units that are eligible to apply for a central FSSA license include:

  • iconDairy processing units, which include milk chilling equipment.
  • iconVegetable oil processing plants and refineries that feature an oil expeller unit, as well as units that create vegetable oil using the solvent extraction process.
  • iconUnits for slaughter.
  • iconUnits for the preparation of meat
  • iconRelabellers and repackers are examples of food processing units.
  • iconFoods that are only available in a limited number of places.

Documents Required for FSSAI License Renewal

To successfully renew its food license, an FBO must provide a few documents. The following are the documents needed to meet the FSSAI Certificate's varied eligibility requirements.

Basic Documents common for both Central and State FSSAI license Renewal

  • iconPhotograph of the applicant in passport size
  • iconIdentification Verification (voter ID or Aadhar Card)
  • iconIdentification Card (PAN)
  • iconProof of address (phone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill)
  • iconA copy of the property documents (If owned)
  • iconA copy of the lease agreement and the landlord's letter of authorization (if rented property)

Specific Documents for Renewal of the State FSSAI License

  • iconComplete address and contact information for the Society's Proprietors, Partners, Directors, and Executive Members
  • iconApplicant's most recent passport-sized photograph
  • iconProof of identification (Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card) and PAN Card
  • iconIn the case of cooperatives, a copy of the firm's partnership deed, MOA, or AOA, or a copy of the certificate received under the Co-Operative Act, 1861.
  • iconA copy of the lease agreement as well as the landlord's NOC (if rented property)
  • iconNOC from the manufacturer (in the case of a distributor) / NOC from the municipality or other local authority
  • iconA DGFT-issued E-Code document (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)
  • iconA company's Form IX Nomination of Persons, as well as the Board Resolution

Documents for Renewal of FSSAI Manufacturing and Processing Unit Licenses

  • iconThe processing unit's blueprint plan/layout plan, with measurements in meters/square meters and operation-by-operation area allocation.
  • iconEquipment and Machinery Names and Numbers, as well as Installed Capacity and Horsepower Used
  • iconA list of food types for which manufacturing is sought.
  • iconLetter of Authority from the manufacturer's designated responsible person, with name and address.

Legal Procedures of FSSAI License Renewal

The procedure for renewing an FSSAI license is simple and can be completed in one of two ways:

  • iconOnline FSSAI Renewal
  • iconOffline FSSAI Renewal

Online FSSAI Renewal.

  • iconAn FBO must complete the following procedures to renew their FSSAI license online:
  • iconGo to the Food Licensing Authority's government website.
  • iconCreate an account by logging in or creating one.
  • iconFill out the Renewal Application by clicking on the appropriate buttons.
  • iconSubmit the required documentation
  • iconAfter successfully applying, you will be issued an application reference number that you can use to track the status of your food license renewal application.

Offline FSSAI Renewal

The following actions can be completed offline to renew your food license:

  • iconThe FSSAI license can be renewed by submitting FORM B, which is based on the food business's eligibility for a specific type of license.
  • iconInclude a self-attested declaration that you have read and understand to comply with the Food Safety and Standards Act's provisions.
  • iconThe authority receives your application, evaluates and examines it, and organizes for an examination of the FBO's working premises in compliance with the same.
  • iconOnce the inspection officer is satisfied that the FBO's regulations have been followed, the application and inspection report will be approved.
  • iconThe authorities will issue a renewal of the license in around 60 days. If the FSSAI renewal is not provided within 60 days of the application being submitted, the FBO can continue to operate without having to go through the renewal process.

Features & Benefits of FSSAI License Renewal

Compliance Checking

FSSAI organizes an examination of your registered FBO facilities to check for compliance with requirements when you apply to renew your FSSAI license. A Food Safety Officer inspects the regulations established by FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act. The officer examines the operators' compliance, product quality, working conditions, and food handling practices. The Food Safety Officer assigns/marks the FBO's compliance levels in this regard as follows: Compliance(C), Disobedience (NC), Compliance in Part, It Doesn't Apply/It Wasn't Noticed (NA).

FSSAI License Renewal Fees

For your convenience, the pricing structure for renewing your FSSAI license is listed below:

1. Modification of License

Rs. 7500 for license

2. Renewal of License 

- State License

- Central License

Same as New license, i.e.; Rs. Rs 2000 to 5000/per annum (State-wise variation exists); Rs. 7500/per annum for FSSAI Central License.

3. The fee for a duplicate license


Points to note about FSSAI License Renewal

Here are some key factors to remember throughout the FSSAI renewal process:

  • iconFailure to renew the FSSAI license may result in a penalty.
  • iconThe FBO's current Food License will be placed in the Renewal Bin 60 days before its expiration date. When an FBO's license is in the renewal bin, they should apply for renewal as quickly as possible.
  • iconFBOs should apply for a renewal of their food license 30 days before it expires. In the event of a delay, the Food Operator will be fined a penalty.
  • iconIf you need to make changes to your renewal application, contact an authorized officer who may be able to supply you with a tracking ID receipt number.

5. To continue with the FSSAI License renewal, you must accept the warning letter; otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete.